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10 Tips To Achieving Your Best Orgasm Ever

Orgasms are not the be-all and end-all of sex. However, there’s no denying that the experience is like setting off a fireworks display of pleasure in your pants! Achieving your best orgasm and longest orgasm can take time and practice, but it is definitely within reach!

Here are a few steps you can follow in order to get up close and personal with the Beyonce of orgasmic experiences:

1 – Prioritize self-care

The first step to having a great orgasm is to take care of yourself because no one can bust out a mind-blowing orgasm when they’re burnt out!

If you can, try to take some time away from your studies/job/kids/partner each day to relax and get some “you time”. It can just be a few minutes of sitting in the living room after the kids have gone to bed or a short yoga practice before class.

Making sure you’re mentally, physically and spiritually healthy will do wonders for your sex life.

2 – Masturbate regularly

It’s a fact, if you don’t know what makes you tick in the bedroom, you’ll never be able to explain it to a sexual partner.

That’s why prioritizing sexy time alone is super important. Try different masturbation positions, experiment with toys and find out what erotica suits you (porn, books etc). The more intimate you are with your body, the better your orgasms will be!

Not to mention there is a myriad of health benefits associated with masturbation!

3 – Take up Kegel exercises

News just in, Kegel strengthening is not just for postpartum folks looking to tighten up their vajayjays – they’re great for everyone!

Doing a round of Kegel’s a couple of times a week not only tightens vaginal muscles but also increases the intensity of orgasms, what’s not to love?!

Increase your odds of doing them correctly with a kegel exerciser; especial smart kegel exercisers like the kGoal and Elvie!

4 – Schedule sex

Nothing sounds less sexy than scheduling sex, but if you’re in a long-term relationship, it can do wonders for your sex life!

That’s because couples that have sex regularly get lots of practice finding out what works for them, and develop a deeper sense of intimacy, thus creating an environment ripe for bigger and better orgasms!

5 – Pay attention to your cycle

We all know that the menstrual cycle is powerful, but did you know that it can help you achieve better orgasms too?

That’s because the clitoris becomes 20% bigger during ovulation (on the 14th day of your cycle)! Make sure to note that down on your calendar next time you schedule sex!

6 – Tell your partner(s) what turns you on

It can be difficult (or sometimes embarrassing) to open up to your sexual partner about what turns you on, but it’s important that you do – even in a one-night stand situation!!

Sex is all about mutual pleasure and telling your partner what you like will help them gift you with that big O.

7 – Invest in a sex toy

Sex toys are specially designed for your pleasure, so why not give them a try?! From vibrators, to anal toys, to dildos – there are loads of toys out there to suit your needs and desires.

Take a peek at Vibrant’s sex toy FAQ’s if you need help choosing a toy that’ll take your orgasm game to the next level!

8 – Dedicate time to foreplay

Foreplay is an extremely sensual way to get your body and mind excited about sex and it doesn’t have to start in the bedroom!

Sending dirty messages, wearing sexy lingerie and dedicating time to oral sex is a sure way to elevate your sexual experience and end the session with an explosive finish!

9 – Enjoy being on the edge

The next time you’re just about to come, slow down and let the moment pass. Why?

Because the longer you put off an orgasm, the more glorious the experience will be!

10 – Don’t stress about climaxing

Wanting to experience an orgasm during sex is natural, however, worrying about whether or not you’ll get there is bound to ruin the experience.

Rather than focusing on the finish line, take the time to appreciate the whole sexual experience. Being able to lose yourself in the act will help you relax and increase your chances of experiencing the orgasm of your dreams!


10 Tips To Achieving Your Best Orgasm Ever

Ariane Osman

Communications strategist, advocate and writer specializing in sexual and reproductive health, women's rights and social justice. Believer in sexual pleasure for all!

Ariane Osman

Communications strategist, advocate and writer specializing in sexual and reproductive health, women's rights and social justice. Believer in sexual pleasure for all!

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