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7 Ways To Spice Up Your Foreplay

7 Ways To Spice Up Your Foreplay

Ahhhh foreplay, the oft-forgotten precursor to mind blowing sex.

Although getting your foreplay on has been proven to enhance sexual experiences (especially for women), it continues to be overshadowed by the proverbial star of the show – penetrative intercourse. But who says that “messing around” under the sheets can’t be just as good (or even better) than getting it on?

Here are 7 super spicy foreplay tips that might just leave you and your partner(s) satisfied enough to skip the main course!

1- Start outside the bedroom

Many people assume that foreplay only begins when they reach the bedroom, but this can potentially exclude hours of excitement in the buildup to a hot and heavy encounter.

If you and your partner are going on a date or are grabbing drinks with friends, don’t hesitate to leave small hints as to what will go down later. Squeeze your partner’s thigh under the table or whisper naughty thoughts during the course of the evening.

Having to wait for it will heighten your excitement and make it extra caliente!

2- Make out like you’ve never had sex before

Remember when you were a teen and makeout sessions were basically the equivalent of having sex?

Relive your youth by spending time just kissing your partner with your clothes on. Often, adult relationships forget the magic of kissing, even though this is one of the first intimate gestures that bonds a couple.

10 minutes of just kissing can make you feel both closer and happier, as well as extremely turned on!

3- Become intimate with erogenous zones

Whether from sex ed, porn or magazine articles – much of the information we consume about sex centers on the genitals. But people have sex with their whole bodies (and minds), not only with their vaginas and penises!

So instead of going straight to your partner’s nether regions, start by kissing their neck, caressing their nipples or biting their earlobes (gently). Stimulating these and other erogenous zones will have them begging for more in no time!

4- Practice your dirty talk

Talking dirty to your partner is one of the best ways to turn up the heat during foreplay.

If you’re apprehensive about revealing your deepest desires, begin by telling them one small thing you enjoy such as, “I like it when you touch me there,” or “kiss me here.” This will make them more confident that they are giving you pleasure and help you open up about more risque fantasies you may have.

5- Ice ice baby

Introducing new sensations into the bedroom can turn a tired-out foreplay routine into something new and exciting.

Run a piece of ice over your partner’s body to give them a sexy tingly feeling all over. Increase the tension by placing the ice in your mouth and running it near (not on) their most sensitive body parts.

If you and your partner enjoy this new sensation, explore more temperature play options like putting your stainless steel sex toy in the freezer, or heating it up for hot and cold sensations!

This will turn on their whole body and make everywhere you touch more sensitive.

6- Play with your favorite toys

Toys are meant for sharing, so why not bring out your favorite ones to make your foreplay extra spicy?!

Give your partner a show they’ll never forget by using your sex toy to masturbate in front of them or stimulate each other remotely with a couples toy.

Not only are toys great for getting you in the mood, they also help keep you turned on if you’re looking for a night of multiple orgasms!

7- Take your time with oral

Oral sex is one of the surest ways to make your partner climax – but why jump in head first (pun intended) when you can take your time and tease them until they can’t take any more?

Lather some lube on your fingers to make the sensations extraaa sensual and switch to manual stimulation whenever they are about to orgasm.

This will ensure that when they do reach the point of no return, their orgasm will be one to remember!

Ariane Osman

Communications strategist, advocate and writer specializing in sexual and reproductive health, women's rights and social justice. Believer in sexual pleasure for all!

Ariane Osman

Communications strategist, advocate and writer specializing in sexual and reproductive health, women's rights and social justice. Believer in sexual pleasure for all!

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