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9 Sex Facts You Won’t Believe Are True


Even as adults, there is still so much to learn about sex! We’ve put together a list of 9 sex facts that you won’t believe are true – even for sex veterans!

1 – Orgasms aide in conception

Orgasms feel amazing… but did you know that having one can actually help get you pregnant!? The pleasurable contractions that we feel during an orgasm help to create suction that pulls sperm in the right direction, while the increased blood flow creates a healthy environment that an embryo needs to thrive. Studies show, that women who experience an orgasm during sex retain much more sperm in their cervical mucus than those who did not reach the Big O.

2 – He needs to get his rocks off…often!

Sure, everyone loves a little sexual release, but did you know that going too long without ejaculation can actually cause fertility issues for men? When sperm stay in the gonads too long, they are exposed to reactive oxygen species (aka, free radicals) which can cause oxidative stress. This oxidative stress can cause a decline in the fertilizing capacity of the sperm. How often does one need to ejaculate to avoid this? Studies say 4 times per month, and more often sure can’t hurt!

3 – The clitoris is huge!

clitoris diagramAsk any woman to point out their clitoris… easy, right? Well, kinda… The answer may be more complicated than it seems. The portion of the clitoris that is visible to the naked eye is merely the “tip of the iceberg” if you will. Did you know, that the clitoris actually has “legs” that extend throughout your pelvic region and around your vagina? This internal clitoral tissue becomes engorged with blood during sexual arousal. In fact, orgasms that were once thought to be “vaginal” are simply orgasms where the clitoris is being stimulated internally. The unbelievable news… this mind-blowing discovery was only made official in 2009!

4 – Ovulation bumps up your sex appeal

Many of us have heard that women become more sexually attractive when ovulating. This is one myth that is actually true. During ovulation, hormone levels rise and can create strong yet subtle changes, making you more attractive to not only men, but also to other women. The pitch of our voice becomes higher, our pheromones change and become more desirable, and scientists have even found that we become more flirtatious, especially around those who we see as a possible mate. So, if you’re feeling extra sexy about two weeks after the start of your last period, you’ve probably got that ovulation glow!

5 – French term for orgasm is “la petite mort”

The French are known for their sayings. In fact, many of them we use often in the English language. Crème de la crème, la vie est belle, a la carte. Bet you haven’t heard this one…
La petite mort, or in English, the little death. This is a term used by the French in place of our English word orgasm. In olden days, it was believed that sex should be kept to a minimum. It was thought that orgasms were a strain on the body, and that they drained your life force. And so, the notion of la petite mort, a tiny bit of death every time you come.

6 – Vibrators were invented to treat “hysteria”

hysterical paroxysm

We here at Vibrant sure do love a good vibrator, but did you know that the vibrator was actually pioneered to treat a curious “ailment” which afflicted Victorian era women? The vibrator was invented by 19th century doctors because their hands were getting tired and cramped from all the fingering they were doing on their client’s vaginas. Whoa… hold up… did you read that right? Yes, you did. Back in the day, women were not considered to have a sense of sexuality, that was the domain of men. Because of this many women experienced “symptoms” such as erotic dreams, dampness between the legs, and a sense of tension. Doctors were perplexed and named this curious ailment “hysteria”. And what was the cure for this? Well, essentially, the doctor would stimulate the patient to orgasm with his hands, upon which time she would feel much relieved. In fact, the procedure was so common that doctors began to tire of the strain it put on their fingers… hence, the vibrator.

7 – There really are such things as “growers” and “showers”

Ever heard the expression, “I’m a grower not a shower”. A “grower” is a man with a penis that looks small when flaccid, but grows significantly during an erection. A “shower” is just the opposite, where the penis looks bigger when flaccid, but grows only slightly during an erection. A recent health survey found that 79% of men are growers, and 21% are showers. For those men who feel uncomfortable with the size of their flaccid penis, don’t fret! The majority of men are growers, not showers.

8 – The amygdala shuts down during female orgasm

No faking here ladies. Your brain tells all! Studies show that during female orgasm, the area of the brain known as the amygdala shuts down completely. The amygdala is the portion of the brain that is responsible for fear and anxiety. While we don’t condone faking orgasms, it may be of comfort to know that your partner will never be able to tell… that is without the help of a CT scan.

9 – 134 is the magic number!

Most of us feel pretty good about having just one orgasm. However, some of us are lucky enough to be able to reach climax multiple times. Whatever your record number of O’s is, there’s going to be someone who can beat it! The Center for Sexual Studies in California put this to the test and recorded a woman who achieved 134 orgasms in one hour! That might be impressive enough to be considered a superpower!


So there you have it! 9 new sex facts to blow your mind. Sexual intercourse and self-pleasure don’t need to be taboo. Whether you’re going solo or wanting to spice things up with a partner, check out some of our most popular vibrators, penis rings, or anal toys. Most toys can be used both alone or with someone else. On top of that, you can always add to your bondage & fetish collection.

Kendall Lambrecht

Erotic enthusiast. Future clinical sexologist. Culinary mastermind. Making the world a more beautiful, sexy, delicious place to be!

Follow her on
Instagram: @kendalllambrecht

Kendall Lambrecht

Erotic enthusiast. Future clinical sexologist. Culinary mastermind. Making the world a more beautiful, sexy, delicious place to be!

Follow her on
Instagram: @kendalllambrecht

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