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Anal Pleasure Anatomy Guide

Anal Pleasure Anatomy

Hey, do you know what month it is? Hint: it’s downright glandular.

Happy National Prostate Health Month, oh ye prostate-havers and prostate appreciators! Skeptical? Think this doesn’t apply to you?

Lovebugs, you don’t have to have a prostate or play with someone who has a prostate to appreciate this most excellent gland.

In honor of the prostate and all the feel-goods that can come with it, let’s break this piece of anatomy down pleasure-wise.

What the F Is a Prostate?

The prostate is a deliciously sensitive, walnut-sized gland situated under the bladder, between the rectum and penis. Yes, sadly for those of us with vulvas, this body part usually only comes equipped on people born with penises – it’s the anatomical homologue to our Skene’s glands which facilitate vaginal ejaculation.

What does the prostate do? You guessed it: like the Skene’s glands, it also helps make ejaculate!

The prostate directly contributes about 30% of seminal fluid, and its smooth muscles help to expel semen into and through the urethra during ejaculation.

More of a visual thinker? Check out this diagram:

Anal Pleasure Anatomy and Prostate Health

Fun fact: the word “prostate” means “protector” or “guardian,” whereas the “Skene’s gland” is named after the white dude, Alexander Skene, who first described them in the 1800s. Make of that what you will. #patriarchy

Okay, So Where Does the Anal Pleasure Come In?

With nerves! SMH, they’ve got nerve… (sorry, nerds can’t help puns.)

There’s a whole bunch of nerves that fill the groin area with sensation, such as the pudendal nerve, the pelvic nerve, the vagus nerve, and the hypogastric nerve. These nerves collect basic stimulus data (essentially “Hey! We were stimulated!”), which travel from their various pelvic positions, up through the spinal column to the brain. The brain takes that raw data and then decides whether it’s a feel good, feel neutral, or feel bad sensation.

When it comes to prostates, the hypogastric nerve absolutely packs the prostate full of nerve endings. Holy sensation, Batman!

High concentration of nerves + lots of sensory data + high sensitivity = potential for lots of anal pleasure, particularly sexual and orgasmic anal pleasure.

To be fair, high sensitivity can also create the potential for overstimulation, so check in with yourself or your partner(s) before AND during play to see how that’s all feeling. There’s no shame in backing off a sensitive area!

Prostate stimulation can sometimes cause orgasm and ejaculation on its own, but more often, needs to be paired with other types of sexual/genital stimulation to culminate in an orgasm.

How Do I Try It Out?

The prostate can be accessed a couple of different ways: externally, through pressure applied to the perineum, or internally, through stimulation in the rectum.

External Access:

The perineum (a.k.a the taint, the grundle, the interstitial luv groove… okay, yeah, that last one is mine) is the flat area of skin between the anus and the scrotum or the anus and the vaginal opening. For folks with penises, pressure on or vibration of the perineum can feel great for two reasons: 1) because it puts muted pressure on the prostate without stimulating it directly, and 2) because it puts pressure on the internal end of the penis. Like the clitoris, the penis is not just an outward-facing body part; it also extends into the body, (not as extensively as the internal body of the clitoris, but you can see what we’re talking about below. Stimulating this area manually or with a vibrator can be great!

Anal Pleasure Anatomy

For folks born with vulvas, don’t worry: y’all also have a perineal sponge that’s riddled with pudendal nerve endings making the perineum fun for everyone!

Internal access:

Looking for something a little more direct? The prostate can also be accessed through the anus, about 4-5 inches inside the rectum, towards the belly. When a person is aroused, the prostate swells and feels like a little ball, making it easier to locate. It’s way harder to find and stimulate if a person isn’t turned on; warm up a little, folx.

It’s important when engaging in any kind of internal anal play to:

1. Use lubrication, especially because unlike the vagina, the anus and rectum are not naturally self-lubricating.

2. Go slowly for safety and fun: anal and rectal tissues are relatively fragile and should be gently engaged at first.

3. If you’re using a foreign object for stimulation, use a body-safe sex toy that has a flared base or a handle. Here’s why: there are two sphincters close to the anus – the external sphincter and internal sphincter. The external sphincter is near the anal opening and can be controlled consciously (try tightening your butthole right now – that is your external sphincter). The internal sphincter, located .5 cm higher up in the rectum, cannot be controlled consciously, though it often relaxes under the influence of gentle pressure and by slowing one’s breathing. The second sphincter makes it essential to use anal toys that have handles or flared bases: this way, the internal sphincter can’t close behind the toy and push it further up the rectum, ne’er to be seen again… until a doctor intervenes. Safety is way more pleasurable than a trip to the ER, friends.

Health Benefits of Prostate Massage

If you or a partner are doing internal prostate stimulation manually, insert a finger or fingers palm up, and make a “come here” gesture to stimulate the prostate.

Similarly, if you are using a prostate massage toy, make sure the curve goes in the direction toward the belly.

Studies on the health outcomes of prostate massage are few and fairly far-between, but in addition to the potential increase in sexual and anal pleasure, there is also evidence for the following health benefits:

  • Increased penile blood flow (therefore, possible improvement in erectile function)
  • Reduction in prostate pain and swelling
    • It may or may not be a temporary reduction, but can nonetheless cause relief
  • Stronger ejaculation
  • Increased urine flow

Hey, I was born with a vulva, but I still get lots of pleasurable sensation from anal play. Is there some way I could actually have a prostate?

Okay, there is always a possibility that you may be intersex and have a different organization of genitals/reproductive system, hormones, and/or chromosomes than non-intersex folk; maybe you’re just discovering this now through the pleasure you experience anally. In that case, huzzah! What a delightfully R-rated fairy tale gender journey you’re on!

However, you’re more likely experiencing the common, pleasurable feels that are due to the fact that the anus is straight up loaded with pudendal nerves (which also show up in pleasure centers like the perineum, the penis, the clitoris and around the scrotum).

While the rectum itself doesn’t have a ton of sensitivity, the anus and surrounding areas can feel incredible with the right kind of stimulation. You don’t need a prostate to have lots of good anal feels.

Wrap It Up, Y’all!

Well, congratulations — you’ve made it to the end, you delightfully nerdy readerlings! That’s all I’ve got for now. Go forth and celebrate this excellent month of prostate health (and happiness). Play wildly, safely, and consensually, lovebugs!

Questions About Anal Pleasure?

Vibrant has a great selection of prostate-related products, from books to toys. Check those out or chat with us, and we can help recommend the product that’s perfect for you. We’re available 9am-9pm EST daily on our website chat (just push the purple button at the bottom right!) or call us at 866-316-VIBE (8423).

Em House

Em House is a sexologist, sex & gender therapist, full-spectrum coach, and an all-around good time. They enjoy climbing things they’re not supposed to and punctuating their sass with gesticulations.

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Em House

Em House is a sexologist, sex & gender therapist, full-spectrum coach, and an all-around good time. They enjoy climbing things they’re not supposed to and punctuating their sass with gesticulations.

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