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Anal Sex Myths: Dispelled

Anal Sex Myths: Dispelled!

Ahhhh, anal… the place of so much potential pleasure, yet subject to so much mystery. To round out our celebrations of Anal August, let’s break down some common anal sex myths, shall we?

1- Anal Sex Is Painful.

Anal sex should not be painful. It just takes communication, relaxation, and lubrication. The anus is made up of very sensitive and thin tissue that can feel amazing but also can tear easily. Often, people look for numbing sprays when they are looking to try anal sex for the first time, but pain is a very important way that your body talks to you. If you dull the receptors so that the sensitive tissue can no longer tell you when you are going too far, you may seriously injure yourself. In fact, it won’t feel like anything: no pain, no pleasure, and you’ll be left wondering, “What exactly are we doing here?”

Instead of numbing or rushing, use lube and gentle stimulation to coax the muscles to relax. You can do this with a tongue, a finger, or a vibrator.

Gently stimulate the area around the anus and then the anus itself. As the muscles begin to relax, nudge the tip of the tongue, finger, or vibrator against the opening. Apply light pressure, and as the muscles relax, the tongue, finger, or vibe will be sucked in.

2- Anal Sex Is Only for Gay Men and Adventurous Women.

The anus is full of nerve endings, and stimulating nerve endings is what physical pleasure is all about! The idea that liking butt stuff is only for certain genders, sexual orientations, or “types” of people is nonsense – anal sex can be pleasurable for everyone!

The butt cheeks, the anus, and the anal canal are all filled with nerve endings that, when coaxed and stimulated the right way, can feel amazing. The prostate and g-spot can also be stimulated through the butt. Most people with penises have prostates unless they have been removed.

Located about two inches inside of the butt and towards the belly button, the prostate is a bundle of nerve endings that, when stimulated, can result in orgasm.

Climaxing from prostate stimulation alone isn’t very common, but it is possible. And, when paired with stimulation of the penis or other erogenous zones, it can lead to super intense orgasms! The g-spot can also be stimulated through the butt as long as nothing is inside of the vaginal canal. It’s made up of the same tissue and is similarly located about two inches inside the vagina and towards the belly button.

3- Anal Sex = 💩

This myth isn’t definitively disprovable like the others, but the misconceptions around it warrant an entry in this list.

Feces does not hang out in the anal canal. If feces is in the anal canal, you will feel the need to go to the bathroom. If you don’t feel that need then you are in the clear for poop-free butt stuff.

There may be a few traces left, particularly if you recently went or if you’re not at peak health. If these traces are something you do not want to deal with there are a couple of options for deep cleaning. The easiest way to remove them is to soap up a finger in the shower and clean yourself out manually.

If you would like to go the extra mile, buy a body-safe douche. We like the Skwert Water Bottle Douche Adapter Kit. It’s reusable, hypoallergenic, and the adapters fit most water bottles! Use plain warm, but not hot, water.

Using condoms and laying down a towel are also options, if you’re looking for quick cleanup. None of these are a guarantee for mess-free sex, but isn’t making a mess part of the fun?Talk to your partner about this in advance if you’re concerned.

If your potential anal partner is going to shame you for bodily functions outside of your control, maybe they’re not the person with whom you should experiment. Test it out by yourself first to see how you’ll react if something unexpected does happen. The deeper and the rougher the thrusts, the more likely things will get messy. Bio-penises, dildos, and anal beads are more likely to result in feces than plugs, fingers or tongues.

Don’t Forget the Lube!

Now that you’re super excited about trying out butt stuff, you need to know just a couple things before you get started. Lube is great for all types of sex but it is a lifesaver for anal. The butt, unlike the vagina or mouth, is not self-lubricating.

Uberlube is an amazing silicone based lube. It has limited ingredients, an amazing texture, and won’t dry out. Plus, it’s perfect for body parts, condoms, and non silicone toys.

Anal Sex Myths: Uberlube

Remember, the butt is a giant vacuum. Once you’ve gotten past the sphincters there is nothing stopping whatever is being inserted from being sucked completely inside of the body.For this reason, a flared base is required.

Fingers and tongues have natural bases, toys do not always have one. This quiz is a great place to start looking for an amazing, butt-safe toy. Or, for even more information, read one of our books dedicated to anal pleasure.

Questions About Anal Sex Myths?

Vibrant has tons of fun anal toys, and each toy meets the very highest standards of safety – because we care about your health. Chat with us, and we can help recommend the product that’s perfect for you. We’re available 9am-9pm EST daily on our website chat (just push the purple button at the bottom right!) or call us at 866-316-VIBE (8423).

Claire Gilbert

Claire is a sex educator and seller of kinky wares. She splits her time between dungeons and school, where she will be getting a degree in political science.

Claire Gilbert

Claire is a sex educator and seller of kinky wares. She splits her time between dungeons and school, where she will be getting a degree in political science.

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