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Author - A Kempf

Vibrant’s Sex Toy Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring has nearly sprung, which means it’s the perfect time to clean out your sex toy drawer! Though you may not be able to use the KonMari method for your sex toy spring cleaning, as hopefully all of your sex toys have brought you joy at one time...

Product Guide to the Woke Male's Bedroom

Product Guide to the Woke Male’s Bedroom

This one goes out to all the progressive gents out there. You proudly sport your “Trust Women” pin and “I’m With Her” bumper sticker. So, your bedroom shouldn’t be the only place in your life that’s reminiscent of a bygone era, filled with decaying...

Favorite Feminist Erotica

Erotica, for those who don’t already partake, is any work of art with sex as a central focus—and the reason for consumption—that does not cross the line into pornography. This includes photography, literature, dance, sculpture, film, and really any...

Sex Toy Cleaning Tips

Sex Toy Cleaning Tips

Cleaning your sex toys doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does need to be part of your pleasure routine. Cleaning methods vary depending on the material your sex toy is made of, so we’ve compiled a handy guide with all the sex toy cleaning tips...