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How to Choose a Cock Ring

How to Choose a Cock Ring

Cock rings can bring so much pleasure to your sexual experiences! Whether you’re someone with a penis or you’re someone who has a partner with a penis; you’ll fall in love with c-rings. It not only engorges the penis, making it...

Online Dating Do’s and Don'ts - Profile Basics

Online Dating – Profile Basics

When it comes to dating, everyone thinks they know what’s right for you. Your mom, grandpa, favorite aunt, your high school best friend – all offer their advice on how to find a significant other. They tell you to just get yourself out there...

Dame products Founders

Catching up with the Founders of Dame!

The premium sex toy industry, as you might imagine, is a pretty small space! There are only so many of us who stand by selling premium, body-safe products; so when we get the opportunity to chat with Alexandra Fine, a founder of Dame, we jump at the...

How to Choose a Harness

How to Choose a Harness

Learn how to choose a harness with our quick guide! Whether you’re someone with a vagina, or a penis – are buying your first harness or are a strap-on expert, this article will help you to understand what a harness is and how to choose...

how to choose a dildo

How to Choose a Dildo

Looking for a sex toy but not sure how to choose? A dildo could be the perfect fit! This non-motorized toy can provide all the right sensations while being super easy to clean! We will explain how to choose a dildo by explaining what a dildo is...

how to choose lube

How to Choose Lube

“Most of the time when shopping for lube, I reach for a well-known brand or, honestly, just the first bottle that jumps out at me.” if this sounds like you, you’re not alone. Lots of people feel overwhelmed by the number of choices...

How to Choose an Anal Toy

How to Choose an Anal Toy

If you’re interested in trying an anal toy, but don’t know how to choose, you’re in the right place! After reading this article you should feel fully confident in choosing an anal toy that would be perfect for you! But before we...