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We believe sex should be fun, full of pleasure, (and play)! Be curious and explore.

Favorite Feminist Erotica

Erotica, for those who don’t already partake, is any work of art with sex as a central focus—and the reason for consumption—that does not cross the line into pornography. This includes photography, literature, dance, sculpture, film, and really any...

Online Dating Do’s and Don'ts - Profile Basics

Online Dating – Profile Basics

When it comes to dating, everyone thinks they know what’s right for you. Your mom, grandpa, favorite aunt, your high school best friend – all offer their advice on how to find a significant other. They tell you to just get yourself out there...

Sexy Holiday Stocking Stuffers

Sexy Holiday Stocking Stuffers

Let other people get your BFF and loved ones chocolate or a scented candle because this year you’re giving the gift of pleasure! Keep in mind that we are only featuring some of the sexy holiday stocking stuffers we have; check out the whole...

Sex Toy Gifts for Your Friends

Sex Toy Gifts For Your Friends

Sex toys can be awesome gifts for your chosen family! Whether its for your friend, partner, or even family member, giving a sex toy gives the gift of pleasure and fun. We understand that an adult toy might not be the right present for everyone on...

Sex Myths Busted

Sex Myths Busted

There is a ton of wrong information about sex out there. This information comes from many places: porn, stories from friends, experiences with sex, and more. Because there is so much information about sex, it can be hard to distinguish fact from...