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We hand-select every product we sell and want to share with you exactly why they are amazing.

Kink 101: Vibrant's Guide to Kink for Beginners

Kink 101

Many people are curious about kink, but getting started can feel intimidating. Before taking the plunge, read our beginner’s guide to kink, and you’ll be ready to give it a go in no time. Kink 101: Let’s Start at the Very Beginning BDSM stands...

Made in America

Made in America

Made in America Football. Cowboy Hats. Hamburgers. Dildos. All things that contribute to making America the great country it is! Sex toys that are made in the USA are manufactured under safe and eco-conscious conditions, employ American workers at...

10 Perfect First Sex Toys

When it comes to buying your first sex toy, it’s important to think about what types of sensations you enjoy during sex with your partner or while pleasuring yourself. Do you like clitoral stimulation, deep penetration, stroking motions...

Benefits of Lube

In case you weren’t aware, lube is awesome. It makes bodies — and toys — fit together with ease, and lends additional slipperiness to any and all sexual adventures. Whether or not you think you “need” it, consider giving it a try. For...

Tenga egg from Vibrant

Tenga Eggs Review

There’s no sex toy on the market quite like the Tenga Egg. The outer packaging looks like an adorable little Easter egg. When you crack the egg, though, there’s no candy inside. Rather, each Tenga Egg houses a stretchy elastomer sleeve with a...

AfterGlow Wipes Review

The AfterGlow wipes by SHE AfterCare are advertised as “cleansing tissues for sexual health.” These wipes are multipurpose; they can be used to quickly wipe down sex toys/sexual aids, or to clean and refresh the genitals. The AfterGlow wipes are...