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We hand-select every product we sell and want to share with you exactly why they are amazing.

Minna Limon Review

The Limon by Minna is a squeeze-sensitive vibrator — meaning that the user presses down on the sides of the toy in order to increase vibration frequency. The Limon has one button, which accesses three different modes. In the first setting...

We-Vibe Nova Review

Standard Innovations, the parent company of the We-Vibe and Laid toy lines, has done it again! The Nova is changing the game in terms of design and functionality for dual stimulation vibrating toys! The Nova is an incredibly innovative and different...

Prostate Toys

If you’ve got a penis, you’ve probably also got a prostate. And if you’ve got a prostate, you’re in luck: there’s a whole genre of sex toys designed specifically for you! In this handy introduction to prostate stimulation, we’re going to teach you...