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No matter how you express your sexuality, we want you to have the best sex life possible!

Favorite Feminist Erotica

Erotica, for those who don’t already partake, is any work of art with sex as a central focus—and the reason for consumption—that does not cross the line into pornography. This includes photography, literature, dance, sculpture, film, and really any...

Kink 101: Vibrant's Guide to Kink for Beginners

Kink 101

Many people are curious about kink, but getting started can feel intimidating. Before taking the plunge, read our beginner’s guide to kink, and you’ll be ready to give it a go in no time. Kink 101: Let’s Start at the Very Beginning BDSM stands...

Anal Sex Myths: Dispelled

Anal Sex Myths: Dispelled!

Ahhhh, anal… the place of so much potential pleasure, yet subject to so much mystery. To round out our celebrations of Anal August, let’s break down some common anal sex myths, shall we? 1- Anal Sex Is Painful. Anal sex should not be painful...