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It’s important to us that we empower you to make educated sexual health decisions.

Sex Toy Cleaning Tips

Sex Toy Cleaning Tips

Cleaning your sex toys doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does need to be part of your pleasure routine. Cleaning methods vary depending on the material your sex toy is made of, so we’ve compiled a handy guide with all the sex toy cleaning tips...

Anal Pleasure Anatomy Guide

Anal Pleasure Anatomy

Hey, do you know what month it is? Hint: it’s downright glandular. Happy National Prostate Health Month, oh ye prostate-havers and prostate appreciators! Skeptical? Think this doesn’t apply to you? Lovebugs, you don’t have to have a prostate...

Anal Sex Myths: Dispelled

Anal Sex Myths: Dispelled!

Ahhhh, anal… the place of so much potential pleasure, yet subject to so much mystery. To round out our celebrations of Anal August, let’s break down some common anal sex myths, shall we? 1- Anal Sex Is Painful. Anal sex should not be painful...