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Category - Sexual Health

It’s important to us that we empower you to make educated sexual health decisions.

Masturbation Myths

Masturbation Myths

Whether by yourself or with others, masturbation is, statistically, the most practiced sexual activity in anyone’s repertoire. With that many people engaging in auto-pleasure, one would think some of the misguided masturbation myths would have been...

Fun with Barriers

Welcome to barrier heaven! Whoever you are attracted to and however you like to have sex, latex (and non-latex) barriers can be incorporated into your sex life. Barriers are a great way to protect you and your partner(s) from getting or spreading...

Health Benefits of Masturbation

The Health Benefits of Masturbation

Since the early 20th century, masturbation has been linked to a number of dangerous and frightening ailments like blindness, skin disorders, and even infertility. Most folks don’t know that Corn Flakes and Graham Crackers, among other products, were...

Pleasure Anatomy

Ever wondered about the science behind why things feel good? Unfortunately, most high school anatomy lessons don’t focus on pleasure. Understanding the what and how of your anatomy and why different types of touch may feel better than others is a...

Birth Control 101

Finding the right birth control method can be a bit daunting. So many options are available today, how does one possibly choose? The great thing, however, is you can find the method that fits your body, lifestyle, and goals. This nifty Birth Control...