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Fun Positions for Anal Sex

Fun Positions for Anal Sex : Get Comfortable!

When it comes to feeling pleasure during penetrative anal sex, you can never underestimate the importance of positioning. Hitting that sweet spot is all about angle and depth and staying there requires a stable stance.

Nothing messes with your sexual flow like a sudden cramp or slip because one of you is in a position that’s tiring, uncomfortable, or unsteady. When partners have a significant height difference, or one or both are working with an injury or physical disability, finding the perfect position can be a challenge.

We set out to find some fun positions for anal sex, selecting for support, stability, and comfort. That way, you and your partner can focus on your pleasure, not your power stance. These positions can be used for penetration with a strap on, hands, or a penis!

And the Horse You Rode in On

With the receiving partner on top facing the giving partner’s feet, (this position is usually known by a gendered name). It’s a popular fave for a reason. First, it puts the receiving partner on top, allowing them to control depth and speed.

Second, it’s great for a giving partner who is working with limited mobility, back troubles, or sensitive knees.

Third, the giving partner gets to enjoy their partner’s derriere physically and visually at the same time!

Dinner for Two

Done at your dining table, this well-supported position allows a shorter partner to lift their hips without being on their tiptoes.

The giving partner stands while the receiving partner is positioned with one chair supporting each knee and the table supporting their upper body. The receiving partner can have a lot of control over the angle of penetration as they adjust the position of their hips.

They can even reach across the table and grab the opposite edge for more stability. This can also be a comfortable position from which to receive digital (a.k.a. finger) penetration.


This is a great anal sex position if one or both partners have limited mobility or sensitive knees because it allows both partners to lie down on their sides. You can use pillows for additional support between the knees, against the chest, or behind the back.

The giving partner can provide penetration with a penis or strap-on or they can shift their hips backward to make space to use a toy or fingers.

Plus, you get to snuggle during sex!

Lying Down Side Straddle

This is another lying-down position for both partners ideal for rimming or penetration with a toy or fingers during anal sex.

Both partners lie on their sides and form a rough L shape, with the giving partner able to stimulate the receiving partner from behind. It can be helpful for the receiving partner to draw their knees forward to provide easy access for the giving partner.

With any of these positions, it’s important for you both to get comfortable so you can really relax and get into those juicy body feelings together!

Supported Doggy Style

It can be tough to stay balanced on all fours while your partner thrusts, and knee or wrist troubles can make it painful. You can try using a product like the Wedge/Ramp Combo by Liberator to dd support under the hips, wrists, or both, to create greater stability and comfort. This can also be a great position for the receiving partner during rimming.

Seated Doggy Style

In this variation, the giving partner is seated, and their partner does the backward thrusting. It can be helpful to be seated facing the bed or other sturdy furniture at the right height to give the receiving partner support and leverage.

This is great for receiving partners who like to control the movement and for giving partners who can’t comfortably stand or kneel during sex.


This option can be a little comfier and more supportive for both partners than other adaptations of doggy style. The receiving partner lies down on their stomach while the giving partner straddles their hips on hands and knees. It can be helpful for the receiving partner to put a pillow or rolled blanket under their hips to find the perfect angle of penetration.

The giving partner can also shift from being on all fours straddling their partner to lying down between their legs to turn Jockey into a perfect position for oral stimulation.

There are comfortable anal sex positions out there for everybody. With communication and a willingness to play, you and your partner can find and even invent fun and pleasurable new positions you’ll both enjoy!

Questions About How to Try Anal Sex?

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Gabrielle Amato-Bailey

Gabrielle Amato-Bailey is an activist and freelance writer in Las Vegas. She writes about feminism and social justice, volunteers with Planned Parenthood, and practices witchcraft as often as possible.

Gabrielle Amato-Bailey

Gabrielle Amato-Bailey is an activist and freelance writer in Las Vegas. She writes about feminism and social justice, volunteers with Planned Parenthood, and practices witchcraft as often as possible.

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