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Gifts for Friends

Gifts You Can Give Your Friends

Giving a sex toy can be an awesome gift! Whether its for your friend, partner, or even family member, giving a sex toy gives the gift of pleasure and fun! We understand that an adult toy might not be the right present for everyone on your list, but for the open minded friend, and sexual expressive aunt, it could be perfect!


vesper#1 – The Vesper by Crave

At first glance, this just looks like a sleek metal necklace, but to those in-the-know, it is also a secret rechargeable vibrator! This small necklace/vibe is perfect for the jewelry lover in your life with the option for all silver, rose gold chain and top, and 24k gold. It comes in a velvet holder within a slim box, pretty enough to gift as-is! Pressing the Buy Now button will order you this necklace in Rose Gold (as pictured).


#2 – The Limon by Minna

This squeezable little lemon shaped vibrator doesn’t look like the powerful vibrator that is it! The approachable look of the Limon, rechargeable battery, and the easy-to-use design make it an ideal gift for a friend! Plus if they open it in front of other people, it won’t be super obvious what it does! Pressing the Buy Now button will order you this vibrator in pink.



uberlube-2#3 – UberLube

UberLube has quickly become a fan favorite of everyone who has tried it. This silky-smooth lube comes in a beautifully constructed, glass vial with a little pump top for easy use. This lube can be used for any kind of sex (vaginal and anal), but can also be used as a hair serum to tame fizzy fly-aways, and can be used during a work out as chafe protection! This multifunctional formula is the perfect gift for almost anyone on your list. Pressing the Buy Now button will order you the 1.7 oz version of this lube plus shipping.


tshirt#4 – “Let’s Talk About Sex” T-Shirt

This t-shirt is perfect for that spunky friend of yours! The super soft cotton tshirt is printed with a discharge ink, meaning that after one wash, you will no longer be able to feel the ink on the shirt at all! Plus, who doesn’t love talking about sex?? Pressing the Buy Now button will order you this shirt in a size large plus shipping.



one-condom#5 –Mixed Pleasures Condoms by One

Condoms might seem like a strange gift idea, but these condoms are too cool to pass up! Each condom comes individually wrapped in a foil wrapper that has interesting art and awesome designs on them! This is a condom anyone would be proud to carry around in their wallet or purse! Pressing the Buy Now button will order you these condoms plus shipping.

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