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Trans Day of Visibility: Trans-Friendly Gender Nonconforming sex toys

Let’s Get Visible, Visible: Happy Trans Day of Visibility!

Happy Trans Day of Visibility! Wait, hold my drink, let me make that a little more visible.


Y’all in the back, did you get that? Okay, so we got a little trans visibility, some good pride going on here today, and a little bit of time to prepare before March 31 (the official Trans Day of Visibility). Cool. Now, why do you think all that matters?

YUP. That and more.

In other words, there’s a lot of active transphobia and transantagonism going on all over. The impact of (and often the impetus for) this kind of nastiness is the erasure of trans and gender nonconforming (TGNC) people from the public eye and the active removal of some of the few supportive structures for our trans communities. This has a huge impact on trans folks’ health, safety, and opportunities. Too often, the larger cisgender community is able to remain blind to this kind of thing because #privilege.

Let’s Celebrate Trans Brilliance and Trans Resilience

Trans Day of Visibility gives trans and gender nonconforming communities the occasion to collectively say to each other and to the world, “Look! There are so many of us here, and we matter!” Because we do. We matter. And we deserve lives that are not just safe and full of access and protection, but that are also joyful, loving, and abundant.

Which brings us to another reason to celebrate the heck out of today: trans brilliance and trans resilience.

Before 2009, the only national holiday celebrating trans communities was Transgender Day of Remembrance. Trans Day of Remembrance is a day that highlights the violence wrought on trans communities, particularly transfeminine people of color, and honors those whose lives have been taken. This is so important. This is a painful reality that we cannot gloss over or ignore. This deserves its own visibility.

And, it can’t be the only thing that brings us together.

Because look, so many TGNC humans are living big, juicy lives, making a difference for themselves and for TGNC communities.

Simply showing up in one’s full, authentic self, saying, “Here I am, world!” can be powerful. It can be an act of reclamation.

Asserting one’s visibility can also let others know they’re not alone. Lovebugs, we are everywhere. And there are innumerable ways to know and express one’s own gender! The visibility of other gender-blending humans helps us each know the nuances of ourselves better. Maybe we recognize terms another person used for themself that feel accurate and resonate for us, or maybe we see other ways a person is presenting that feel more authentic to who we are inside. Witnessing other people inhabiting their own various identity intersections can be especially healing, particularly if we haven’t seen those parts of ourselves represented together.

Now, let’s be clear: visibility is great, but there is no mandate to be “visible.” All the props and love to TGNC folks who keep their identities private. It often isn’t safe or doesn’t feel good for trans people to be out about their gender identities, or to be out to everyone. That is a personal decision. If you have a trans or gender nonconforming loved one in your life, maybe check in with them today about the nuances of their own visibility and “outness” so you can help honor those boundaries.

How to Celebrate Trans Day of Visibility

Looking for some other ways to celebrate Trans Day of Visibility? Check out some tips below:

  1. Amplify Trans Day of Visibility events going on near you. Text your friends and fam, put it on social media blast, grab a megaphone and holler. Do you, friend. Then, actually attend those events yourself.
  2. Educate yourself. We all benefit from deepening our understanding of gender and how to support each other better. So many good resources are on the interwebs. And if you want some super real talk? Try this.
  3. Diversify your newsfeed. Whose images are you looking at? Who’s writing what you read? Do you follow many TGNC folks and organizations on social media? How about blogs? Put yourself on a TGNC social media diet: increase your daily intake of trans brilliance & hawtness.
  4. Shoulder some of the labor. Being trans is an identity, not a professional occupation, yet many TGNC folks are pushed to become chronic activists and gender educators to those around them. It can be exhausting! If you are cisgender, check with your TGNC friend, family member, or partner about how they would like your support in this area. Then do it.
  5. Make your space visibly affirming. Hanging a trans flag? Great. Supporting trans creators directly? Even better. There are so many talented TGNC artists to light up your world and increase empowering trans visibility. A few to start with: Micah Bazant, Amir Khadar, Shoog McDaniel, and Rae Senarighi.
  6. Support TGNC-owned and TGNC-friendly companies. Vibrant prides itself on being a trans-affirming and gender-inclusive sex toy retailer. Pleasure is for every body.

And if you’re trans or gender nonconforming yourself? Happy holiday, cutie. Allow yourself to receive some real tenderness and affirmation today in whatever ways feel good for you. You deserve it.

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Em House, LSW, MEd, CPCC

Em is a genderqueer sexologist, therapist, co-active coach, and an unapologetic gesticulator. Their work focuses on the intersections of queer and trans embodiment, empowering pleasure, and healing sexual trauma. They live and work in Philadelphia, PA.

Em House, LSW, MEd, CPCC

Em is a genderqueer sexologist, therapist, co-active coach, and an unapologetic gesticulator. Their work focuses on the intersections of queer and trans embodiment, empowering pleasure, and healing sexual trauma. They live and work in Philadelphia, PA.

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