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How to Choose an Anal Toy

How to Choose an Anal Toy

If you’re interested in trying an anal toy, but don’t know how to choose, you’re in the right place! After reading this article you should feel fully confident in choosing an anal toy that would be perfect for you! But before we get too ahead of ourselves, let’s start with the basics:

What is an anal toy?

If you love the butt and nothing but, try an anal toy. People of all genders can experience pleasurable sensations in the anus and beyond. The rectum has sensitive nerve endings, and the feeling of extra pressure that anal toys brings also feels great, especially when paired with other sorts of play. People with penises or people who were assigned male at birth get an extra kick out of anal toys, as they stimulate the prostate to deliver mind-blowing orgasms.

Where do I start?

There are many ways to have fun through the backdoor. Grab some lube and get started with these beginner-friendly toys.

Butt Plugs

b-vibe novice plugButt plugs are anal toys made to put in the anus and stay put. They add an extra source of pressure, and add to orgasmic pleasure when your sphincter muscles contract around the toy. They’re also great for warming up before anal sex with a penis or a dildo. A good place to start is with the Tantus Perfect Plug or the b-Vibe Novice Plug – both are a great size for booty beginners. It has a slender neck and a velvety-smooth finish for easy insertion. The anchor base is thin enough to sit comfortably between your cheeks, but still wide enough to make sure the plug stays in place.

Anal Beads

Fun Factory Flexi FelixAnal beads are a string of connected beads inserted into the anus. The ripple sensation of the beads feels great in the rectum, especially when pulled out during orgasm. Anal beads often come in a string of ascending sizes which is great for beginners. Insert one or two to start and add more when you’re ready! A good place to start is with the Fun Factory Flexi Felix can be comforting for those who are a little nervous about anal play. It looks like a friendly caterpillar, and is super flexible and soft. Felix’s head also acts as the perfect handle to gently pull the beads out during climax.

Prostate Massagers

Aneros Helix SynProstate massagers are anal toys that have the perfect curve to hit the prostate when inserted through the anus. Move the toy gently, or have your partner take control, to massage the prostate for a new level of orgasm. A good place to start is with the Aneros Helix Syn is the perfect prostate massager. Its shape allows your anal muscles to pivot the massager on their own, without using your hands. The handle also has a comfortable tab that stimulates the perineum.

Pegging toys

Tantus Sport KitPegging toys are dildos for anal sex, usually used with a harness. Pegging often refers to a person with a vulva penetrating a person with a penis, but people of all gender identities and bodies can participate in anal sex with toys! A good place to start is with the Tantus Sport Kit is your perfectly packaged pegging kit. It comes with a silicone Sport dildo that curves to hit the prostate, a bullet vibe, and a velvet, machine-washable harness. A larger O-ring is also included, so you’re prepared to work up to a larger dildo, if you like.

What else should I know?

If you’re putting it in your butt, it needs to have a wide, flared base. The anus is like a black hole; it can suck things up for them never to be seen again (until a possibly uncomfortable trip to the emergency room, that is).

Make sure to use plenty of lube for anal play! Anuses do not self-lubricate like mouths and vaginas, making it extra important to always use lube to avoid pain and tearing.

If you’re new to butt stuff, remember to go slow. Going too fast can cause your muscles to tense up, making anal play painful instead of pleasurable. Listen to your body and ease your way into it!

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