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Catching up with the Founders of Dame!

The premium sex toy industry, as you might imagine, is a pretty small space! There are only so many of us who stand by selling premium, body-safe products; so when we get the opportunity to chat with Alexandra Fine, a founder of Dame, we jump at the chance while simultaneously trying not to fangirl too hard.

We spent a little time getting to know the women revolutionizing the sex toy industry with toys made for women, by women – see what they had to say about normalizing the conversation about pleasure, how they maintain their woman-first approach, and what is next from the innovators at Dame!

1 – How did Dame come to be?

Dame Products started in 2014 when Alexandra Fine and Janet Lieberman came together in the Brooklyn startup scene to create the next generation of sex toys. They understood that sex toys could be a force for good for women and couples, but were frustrated by the low standards and outdated approach that were holding the market back.

2 – What makes Dame different?

User testing and feedback! Whenever we develop a new feature or product, we reach out to our pool of testers to try out these new concepts and give us feedback. We consider usability, power, size, material feel, button placement, control schemes — everything.

3 – Your company is woman-run and woman-first. How do you maintain that core mission?

We make sure we’re living up to our philosophy: to make the world a happier place, one vagina at a time. Our products are meant to invite women to discover their own sexualities in a fun and comfortable way. Every orgasm is a win for us!

4 – You have a second product coming on the market. How do you decide where to go next with your products?

Our second product Fin is now available worldwide. This time around, we understand the timeline a bit better. We’ve left ourselves more time and managed our expectations appropriately. We’ve tested Fin with more people, gathered more data, and acquired better results!

5 – What about Dame are you especially proud of?

Our mission is, in quotes, “to make the world a happier place, one vagina at a time.” Female sexual pleasure has been shamed for years and years and years and years…so it is not a surprise that a “pleasure gap” (studies have shown that women are four times more likely than men to say that “sex is not at all pleasurable”) exists today. To address this, our goal is to create products that enhance intimacy as unobtrusively as possible — augmenting natural motions in order to seamlessly augment organic interactions. We are passionate about making people happy.

6 – What does it mean to you to normalize the conversation around sex toys and pleasure?

Better education and communication are essential in closing the gap. Sex toys can also be useful tools, particularly for women who want to explore more and couples who are having open discussions, but still finding it difficult to balance “my time” and “your time”. Eva & Fin attempt to do one simple thing – provide clitoral stimulation – without adding any other complications to the experience or detractors to intimacy. We believe that Eva & Fin are helping to close the gap but conversations just like this one are equally important.

7 – How do you engage your customers in your products and brand?

We strive to be as relatable and friendly as possible! Sex toys are often seen as daunting, and we’re trying to dispel that myth by our chatty, conversational tone. We have a blog that covers everything from the inner-workings of the toys, to how to introduce one into the bedroom for the first time. We want people to feel comfortable.

8 – What can we look forward to from Dame?

Stay tuned for a new product next summer!

9 – What else do you think is important for people to know about Dame?

We’re a sex toy company that’s built by women, for women. We want to normalize the conversation around female pleasure, one vibe at a time!


You can learn more about the Eva and Fin at!

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