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Je Joue Ami Review

Kegel exercisers like the Je Joue Ami balls are meant to strengthen the PC (pubococcygeus) muscles. Strong PC muscles can potentially mean heightened orgasms, easier childbirth, increased vagina lubrication, and better bladder control.

The Ami kegel exercise balls come in a set of three — the first is a single, large, lightweight ball, the second is a medium-size double-ball that’s a bit heavier, and the third is a harder, pretty heavy double-ball. You can move up from one set to the next at your own pace. They’re available in purple, magenta, and black, and the set is packaged in a Je Joue’s signature sleek black box. The Ami set is hypoallergenic and body-safe, comprised of 100% super-soft silicone on the body and ABS plastic on the top. They’re also seamless, waterproof, and non-porous, which makes them totally sterilizable.

The Ami set also has a companion, the Ami+, which is a step up in your vaginal weight lifting routine. Where they Ami set has as more traditional kegel ball structure — rumbly, weighted balls of varying size. The Ami+ uses graduated metal discs (well hidden under the smooth, matte silicone) that slightly shift to conform to the vaginal walls.

The Ami kegel balls retail for $59.00. Since each ball in the set is a different weight and size, it’s highly likely that at least one will work well for you and your body. It’s important to note that the Ami balls can only be used vaginally — because they don’t have a flange, they will get lost inside a anus. Also, don’t use these with silicone lubes as it will degrade the toy over time.

These kegel exercisers can be cleansed between uses with antibacterial soap and water. They can also be boiled and sterilized; but do not leave them in boiling water for longer than one minute!

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