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Made in America

Made in America –

Football. Cowboy Hats. Hamburgers. Dildos. All things that contribute to making America the great country it is!! Sex toys that are made in the USA are manufactured under safe and eco-conscious conditions, employ American workers at fare wages, and meet all the consumer protection laws and safety standards that are required in the U.S! By shopping any of the following products, you are supporting an American company whose products are made right here in the United States!

Silk Large Dildo by Tantus

Silk Large DildoTantus is not only a leader in the body-safe sex toy movement, but every single one of their silicone products is poured in Sacramento, CA! They have spent 30 years perfecting their ultra-premium silicone formula, first in Colorado and now in California, and produce hundreds of different styles and sizes that would be great for anyone! The Silk Large happens to be one of their most popular styles!

Duet Flex by Crave

Duet FlexHailing from the land of startups and Teslas, Crave designs, tests, and assembles all their premium sex toys in San Francisco, CA! Lead by a team of top female designers, their products are vulva-first from design concept to target customer. They pride themselves on sourcing the highest quality materials that are body-safe and long-lasting, so all you have to worry about is the next time you can sneak away to use one of their toys!


H20 Intimate Lube by Sliquid

Sliquid is the front-runner of 100% vegan friendly, environmentally friendly, lubes – PLUS it’s made right here in the USA! They pride themselves on offering lubes that are free from DEA, gluten, glycerine, glycerol, parabens, PEG, propylene glycol, sorbitol & sulphates! If you have any sensitivity to fragrance or ingredients, Sliquid is the best way to go! They also offer a myriad of water-based, silicone-based, and hybrid lubes!

Wedge/Ramp Combo by Liberator

Liberator’s sex furniture isn’t just for older folks, or people with disabilities – they make sex easier and more comfortable for everyone! Not only are they on a mission to make deeper penetration accessible for all, but 100% of their products are designed, sewn, and crafted in Atlanta, Georgia where they are headquartered and where their flagship store is! They also pride themselves on having some of the highest paid sewers in the world! Now *that’s* something we can all feel good about!


Helix Syn by Aneros

Aneros started as a medically researched prostate stimulator for use in hospitals and other medical settings, but has since broadened their scope to include other toys intended for pleasure! They design all their products in accordance with modern scientific knowledge of anatomy combined with ancient Oriental awareness of erogenous zones and pleasure centers. They also happen to manufacture all of their products in the United States!


Uberlube is the ultimate shout out to Chi-Town! This Illinois based company does one thing, and one thing only: makes some of the best lube on the market. This multifaceted product is perfect for vaginal and anal play, but also works as a high-end hair serum, and as chafe resistance for athletes doing long-distance training, like marathons!



Eva by Dame

In true viral start-up form, Dame has taken the internet and sex toy industry by storm! The Eva is designed and manufactured by two women in Brooklyn, NY and is specifically made for someone with a vulva. The Eva works by tucking it into the labia and stimulating the clitoris while you and your partner have sex!





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