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Sex Toy Myths

Sex Toy Myths

We’ve all been there – you’re having tons of fun sharing sex toy stories with your friends until one person interrupts the party saying, “but I heard vibrators stretch your…vagina?”

Whether from an ill-informed friend, online article or an embarrassed PE teacher filling in for the sick sex ed instructor, sex toy myths are everywhere and thanks to the culture of shame surrounding sex and pleasure, it can be difficult to distinguish fact from fiction.

Here’s a list of the most popular sex toy myths around – so next time you meet that friend, you can inform them how safe, fun and pleasurable sex toys really are!

Myth: Once you start using sex toys you won’t be able to orgasm without them

There is a widespread fear that getting off with sex toys will desensitize your genitals and ruin any chances of pleasure when you have sex without them. Rest assured that this scenario won’t happen. Although sex toys do encourage our bodies to fall into certain patterns for what to expect when it comes to reaching climax, changing things up regularly will ensure that you’ll reach your “O’s” without any problem.

Myth: Using sex toys makes you a sexual deviant

Enjoying sexual pleasure – both by yourself and with a partner – is a healthy and natural part of being a human being. However, the huge amount of shame and stigma attached to sex leaves many people feeling guilty or even ‘dirty’ at the thought of using a toy that was created solely for their pleasure.

Giving yourself pleasure is the best way to acknowledge your needs and desires in a safe environment and a beautiful example of self-care. Experimenting with sex toys can help you understand what feels good and what doesn’t, which comes in handy when explaining your sexual preferences to a partner.

Myth: Using a sex toy too often will make your vagina loose

If you’re worried that using your vibrator too often will loosen your vagina – don’t. The vagina is basically magic and can stretch to accommodate everything from fingers to babies and return back to its original size.

The anus is less stretchy than the vagina and it’s possible that the muscles may loosen somewhat over time, so if you’re using an anal toy just make sure that the experience is safe and feels good. When it comes to anal play, taking it slow and using lots of lube is the best way to ensure that you won’t have any issues in the long-run.

Myth: Only single people use sex toys

Using sex toys is great when you’re not seeing anyone, but they’re also a lot of fun to experiment with when you’re in a committed relationship too! Apart from using toys together, just because you have a partner, doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to spend some quality time alone with your toys.

Masturbating with a sex toy is an enjoyable way to get to know your body and your sexual preferences – knowledge that is infinitely helpful when communicating your desires with your partner. Introducing a sex toy into your relationship can also be a great way to spice things up and create a deeper sense of intimacy and trust in a long-term relationship.

Myth: Using a sex toy will cause health problems

Sex toys don’t inherently cause health issues – in fact – using a sex toy to masturbate is known for its health benefits, such as better mental and physical health. However, it is important to do some research before deciding what toy to purchase. That’s because many cheap toys are made using toxic materials that could affect the user’s health in the long run.

In order to avoid any unexpected rashes in your nether regions, it’s best to buy a toy from an ethical manufacturer that produces toxin-free, body-safe products – like those sold at Vibrant!


Sex Toy Myths

Ariane Osman

Communications strategist, advocate and writer specializing in sexual and reproductive health, women's rights and social justice. Believer in sexual pleasure for all!

Ariane Osman

Communications strategist, advocate and writer specializing in sexual and reproductive health, women's rights and social justice. Believer in sexual pleasure for all!

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