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Sex Toys 101

Sex Toys 101 – Video

This Sex Toy 101 video will give you all the information you need to make an educated sex toy purchase! Learn all about vibrators, dildos, anal toys, penis toys, and lube in this quick (less than 2 minutes long) video!

There are so many exciting sex toys out there. They all look fun and intriguing but it can be overwhelming to figure out what they do, how they work, and most importantly, which is your perfect match?

Vibrators come in many forms but they all have a power button to make them shake and shimmy. You decide: do you want it to vibrate internally, externally, or both? There are deep rumbles, less intense vibes, and everything in between.

A dildo may not rumble and shake like a vibrator, but it can provide pressure to all the right spots and many can be used with a harness. Your decision? Big, small, curved, straight, g-spot, p-spot, all your spots!

Butt pleasure is good pleasure with options for beginners and experienced users. Anal toys come in the form of plugs, beads, vibrators, and prostate massagers, for an added bonus to any kind of sex play.

Penis toys come as masturbators and rings. Cock rings, also known as c-rings, help prolong an erection and make an orgasm more intense. Masturbators, like sleeves and strokers, add a little extra excitement to your alone time.

Once you have your toy, add lube for added satisfaction! There’s water-based lube that can be used with any toy, silicone-based lube which is great for sex, and anal lube that is thicker and will keep the pleasure going for longer.

Whatever your pleasure, we’re sure you can find something you’ll love. For more information, read Toys 101 or chat with us at!

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