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Tenga Eggs Review

There’s no sex toy on the market quite like the Tenga Egg. The outer packaging looks like an adorable little Easter egg. When you crack the egg, though, there’s no candy inside. Rather, each Tenga Egg houses a stretchy elastomer sleeve with a textured interior that can be lubed up and used as a stroking toy for people with penises. Tenga eggs can also be flipped inside-out and used on a vulva, nipples, or other erogenous zones. The pattern on the outer packaging represents the pattern on the inside of the toy — with different textures, each egg provides a different sensation. Currently, Tenga offers 13 different Eggs.

There are the original six, which are marketed as “Regular Strength:” these are Wavy, Clicker, Spider, Twister, Stepper, and Silky. The “Hard-Boiled” line is made from thicker elastomer than the regular strength Eggs. The Hard-Boiled Eggs include Thunder, Crater, Misty, Cloudy, Shiny, and Surfer. The “Lovers” Egg is textured on both sides so that, when worn during vaginal penetration, both partners experience the sensation. (We don’t recommend wearing the Lovers Egg during anal penetration, as the toy could slip off and get lost in the booty, necessitating an awkward trip to the emergency room.) There’s also the “Cool” Egg, which comes with a menthol-infused lubricant for a chilly feeling.

While many conventional stroking toys are often shaped like vaginas, Tenga Eggs are extra-awesome because they’re not meant to mimic anatomy, simply providing pure sensation without gendered pretense.
Tenga Eggs are petite, unassuming, and on the cheaper side as far as high-quality sex toys go. One single egg will run you $7.50, and a six-pack costs about $45. However, the Tenga website recommends that each Egg only be used once, regardless of whether the user ejaculates inside it. Elastomer is porous, and could trap moisture and bacteria if reused. This makes the Eggs seem a whole lot less economical, and less environmentally friendly. Still, they’re a fun toy to try, and definitely potentially worth it.

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