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Toys for LDR (Long Distance Relationships)

Long Distance Relationships tend to be viewed as a death sentence for otherwise awesome relationships. Based on their success rates, that may not be a wholly inaccurate idea. While LDR’s can be complicated and difficult to manage, they also offer incredible opportunities to connect with a partner in creative ways you might not otherwise make happen!

First of all there is no one-size fits all approach to long distance relationships, just like there is no one way to connect with a partner who lives nearby.  Some folks want to have an intense amount of communication and have many aspects of their life intersect with their partners’.  Other folks love having their own life separate from their relationship and need much more personal space. Whether you’re closer to the former or the latter, there are ways to connect over a distance that can work for you and your relationships.

If you don’t know where to start, internet communities offer some insight into how to build a sustainable LDR. At Loving From a Distance there is a discussion forum and tons of models of different ways people have built relationships. You can find amazing tips to stay connected from  Oh Joy Sex Toy’s comic about how they managed their LDR.

Face to (Virtual) Face

You could write steamy letters to your partner like the ones that may be living in your grandparent’s dresser drawers, technology has made sexy communication much more expedient. Phone sex, where people call one another and explicitly tell one another all of the things they will do to the other’s body once they are together, is one option.

While sexting may be portrayed as a part of “Youth Culture,” it is definitely a solid way to be in touch with your sweetie, even if you are ultimately touching yourself. Sending flirtatious, sexy messages can be a great way to stay connected sexually while living apart. If the long lasting security of your nudes is a concern, consider using an app like Snapchat, which “deletes” your pictures after they’ve been viewed and notifies you if someone takes a screenshot.

To amp up the exhibitionism, partners can engage in video chat masturbation sessions via Skype, Facetime, or Google Hangouts to name a few. For some, this may feel awkward because, let’s be honest, a genitals up angle isn’t really flattering for anyone, it gives couples an opportunity to play in real time.

Intimacy from Afar

For more hands-on sexy ways to connect with a partner, consider the expanding world of teledildonics. These are the toys that you can control from a distance using apps or the internet. While most of the toys in the teledildonic category are designed for people with vulvas, there is an emerging market in the area of cross-continent handjobs.

Lovesense offers a solution compatible with both penises and vaginas that can be purchased separately or in pairs, in any configuration. Kiiroo, another innovator in the field of teledidonics for penises, is working with Fleshlight to create more options for long-distance play. Another way Kiiroo is changing the industry is by syncing up their products (both sleeves for penises and vibrating dildos for vulvas) with point-of-view erotic video content (ahem, porn). While Kiiroo may be prohibitively large investment investment for some couples, there are other options available–with more to come!

Companies like Je Joue, OhMiBod, and We-Vibe have begun making many of their toys app compatible with sharable controls. The We-Vibe line and app, in particular, are expanding the ways that couples can play together while in a LDR! The new app is compatible with most smartphones and allows the person with the to to share control of the intensity and vibration pattern with a partner located anywhere the world.  It also includes chat and live video functions so you can get immediate feedback watch the fruits of your “labor.”

We hope this can connect you to some new and fun resources, remind you that being far away doesn’t mean being far from fun sexy times, and helps you consider how you want to build a LDR that is right for you!

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Vibrant Staff

The Vibrant Staff writers are a group of sex-positive women employed by Vibrant. Our contributors are passionate about advocacy, women's rights, relationships, and sharing their experiences with you!

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Vibrant Staff

The Vibrant Staff writers are a group of sex-positive women employed by Vibrant. Our contributors are passionate about advocacy, women's rights, relationships, and sharing their experiences with you!

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