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A Guide to Traveling With Sex Toys

The Best Sex Toys to Bring on Vacation

It’s time to start planning that getaway, whether you’re planning to take off during spring break or a summer vacation! The best part is that you don’t have to leave your sex toys at home (depending on which country you’re visiting). Traveling with sex toys can be a complicated endeavor, so check out our list of sex toys that make traveling a breeze.

Handy Tips for Traveling With Sex Toys

Yes, you can bring your sex toys on the plane. Sex toys follow the same rules for carry-on and checked baggage, which can feel a bit arbitrary.

However, there are a few best practices that can help set you up for success, or at least help you avoid any awkward encounters at the airport. Sex educators, who are frequent flyers with sex toys in tow, have recommended leaving TSA a note in case it’s not an easy-to-spot sex toy, to reduce the amount of confusion when your bag goes through security. Removing the batteries will help ensure that the toy doesn’t accidentally get turned on and stay on – throughout your flight. Don’t forget: if your toy plugs directly into the wall, you’ll need to have a USB adapter if you’re traveling to a country with a different plug-in set up than the country in which you currently reside.

If your dildo is longer than seven inches, it may fall into the “baton-like” category which sometimes garners extra attention from the folks checking your carry on. Also, if you’re into kink, certain types of whips can be considered weapons, so your best bet is to leave these in your checked baggage.

Keep in mind that some countries still have laws against sex toys. So if you’re going abroad, do a quick search of the rules they have before bringing your favorite toy along!

Discreet Sex Toys

These toys are great if you’re sharing a suitcase with your mom, because these toys are in disguise. They hide in plain sight, meaning a more pleasurable vacay for you and fewer awkward questions from your travel buddies.

Traveling With Sex Toys: Calexotics Lipstick VibratorThe Hide and Play Lipstick Vibrator by Calexotics is a vulva’s best friend. No one will have any idea what you’re up to if they happen to see this in your purse. What looks like lipstick is actually a vibrator with eight different intensities. Plus, it’s waterproof, which is a great feature to have whether you’re headed to the beach or just anticipating some fun vacation sex in the shower.

Traveling-With-Sex-Toys-Yoru-TengaThe Yoru by Tenga is an enigma: it looks like a bottle opener, a paperweight, or a whale, but it does not look like a vibrator. It’s waterproof, just in case your shampoo spills.

Traveling With Sex Toys: Tenga KushiThe Kushi by Tenga might be a seashell you found on the beach or it might be your new favorite vibrator! No one would ever guess your favorite spot to put this is not on your desk. It’s waterproof and has a variety of settings to explore in between excursions at your final destination.

Sex Toys that Lock

These sex toys are traveling experts. If you’re regularly on the go, you won’t want to leave home without these companions.

Traveling With Sex Toys: SatisfyerThe Pro-Traveller by Satisfyer was made for you jetsetters. It checks all the boxes: it’s waterproof, powerful but quiet, closes magnetically to maintain an inconspicuous exterior, uses contactless pressure (meaning suction!) to bring you swiftly to orgasm, plus comes with a ten-year manufacturer’s warranty. That’s a lot of spring breaks!

Traveling-With-Sex-Toys: Mini MarvelsOr, try the Mini Marvels Marvelous Eggciter by Calexotics, which is a discreet vibrator that’s great for the clitoris, nipple, or anywhere else you want some added stimulation while on vacation. Not only is it discreet, but it has a travel lock, so you can be sure it won’t start without you. Your folks would never be the wiser if they saw this cutie in your suitcase; plus, it’s waterproof!

Traveling With Sex Toys: Manta Vibrating StrokerFor folks with penises, the Manta Vibrating Stroker by Fun Factory has a travel lock, is waterproof, and is great for partnered or solo play.

Happy trails, and don’t forget your condoms!

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A Kempf

A Kempf is a part-time, dedicated, radical sex revolutionary, and part-time parent of two living in the suburbs, who can most often be found with her nose in a book, eating tacos, or smashing the patriarchy.

A Kempf

A Kempf is a part-time, dedicated, radical sex revolutionary, and part-time parent of two living in the suburbs, who can most often be found with her nose in a book, eating tacos, or smashing the patriarchy.

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